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After centuries of Christianity, men tried to cause change from inside of the system, they have formed groups honestly trying to be God's movement. These forerunners who tried to return to the Bible must be appreciated for their faith, their conviction, and determination. In these days, we are facing those denominations, who rest on doctrinal systems that are full of compromise, and legalism, that ultimately are not based on God's word. Nevertheless, there is a continuous call for all men and women to make the scriptures their sole authority. The restoration of Christianity as it was in the first century is possible when we abandon the other systems and their foundation.

We are convinced that the perfect biblical model of the church is found in the holy scriptures and that we have the solemn task to be this same church in the 21st century. We do not believe in labels that separate us from our brothers and sisters found in other denominations. If we want to be this church, established by the Christ, it is necessary to make the effort to know this church through the holy scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and daily prayer. The only way that the Bible will become known is through the life we live and the example we set for others to see and read.

What was asked of Christians of the first century is very simple, to believe in the finish work of Christ on the cross.

On this foundation, our vision statement is to "To Restore The Church To The New Testament Pattern According To The Gospel Of Grace."

This is the vision of the Evangelical Christian Churches world-wide.


Karen Dixson PhD.