Mission Statment

Church Mission

1. To spread and preach the GOSPEL OF GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ, while making the Bible the only text which is a sufficient rule for faith and practice;

2. To evangelize and take the gospel of grace to the streets and the door posts of all people, with a special emphasis for ethnic minorities in North American Region;

3. To unite the people of different nations with the love and Spirit of CHRIST;

4. To evangelize the gospel of grace to the inner cities;

5. To make bridges with the third world countries with the gospel of grace, by tangible and monetary help, and training facilities;

6. To promote and conduct charitable, benevolent, philanthropic and social work where there is a need;

7. To ordain and license men and women to the Gospel ministry, and to send, missionaries according to the standards set by the New Testament;

8. To establish Stone-Campbell Restoration Movements of the Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement) for fellowship, training and worship;

9. To print, publish, sell and distribute Christian literature. Make CD`s; produce radio and television broadcasts and establish and operate in affordable facilities for such purposes;

10. To help the poor and needy people in North American region, and also in third world countries;

11. To establish youth men and women ministries;

11. To train Christian leaders to become purpose-driven;

13. To provide a counseling services to troubled Christians and non-Christians;

14. To guide and train Christian clergy in church-related ministries for part-time or full-time service, and also for lay, ministry,leadership and the marketplace.

15. To conduct public or private general meetings and conferences that is of religious and evangelistic nature;

16. To collect, solicit and accept funds under the Canadian Revenue Agency, taxation guidelines, or other subscriptions for carrying on the work;

17. To give a sense of purpose to those seeking to establish themselves in Christian ministry;

18. To work with ECC clergy to connect to their dreams by finding Spirit-led Success: heighten with the capacity to LOVE more... SERVE better... and GLORIFY Him in all the choices they make and the actions they take... only to find true and lasting success in every area of their life