Called To Ministry?

Has God Qualified YOU To Ministry?

Called to Ministry
"Are you called to a life vocation in ministry?"
The Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement) believes that YOU can live out your purpose in life - NOW! It is our most fundamental belief that God wants you actually LIVE the desires of your heart, and He wants you to discover the things that are most important to you and Him. He wants you to have an abundant life and become, in every sense of the term, a Spirit-Led Success with a powerful capacity to Love greater... Serve better... and Glorify Him in every choice you make and every action you take now and the in the near future. Here are some serious questions I would like to ask YOU:
Do YOU find the gospel message of legalism irrelevant in today's world? Are YOU tired of religion (Institutionalization of the Church) and looking for true meaning within the life of the Church which is the body of Christ? Do YOU feel pressured to live up to some external man-made standard while finding yourself failing to live up to it repeatedly? Are YOU being hindered from denominational walls? Are you fulfilling your God-given purpose in life? The Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement) may be the answer that YOU are looking for. In today's global, spiritual landscape, we truly need to keep reminding ourselves that once we find our definite major purpose in this life, it is our responsibility to continue the quest, no matter how hard the challenges may appear. Every one of us holds a gift that is meant to be shared with the church, and the world. There will be setbacks, and there will be struggles, but it is up to you to keep going in spite of the fears you will face because you are close to discovering the key that unlocks the door to your dreams. Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and not perfect conditions. We invite YOU to explore these pages to see how you can rediscover ways that Christ can be embraced across the entire Christian horizon. We also invite those women and men who are found in any type of Christian work, and desire to make their ministry more effective, to investigate the possibilities of Bible college training and ministerial credentials from The Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement)

The Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement) is a non-denominational community of believers who through baptism by faith in Jesus Christ are bound together in love by a covenant of His amazing grace. The Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement) worldwide draw their inspiration from the truth of God's abundance of grace found in scripture through the power of the Holy Spirit, celebrating around the complete and finished work of Christ on the cross, his forgiveness, and His unconditional love for you. We proclaim this good news of salvation through Jesus Christ as our quest for Christian unity, only as a sign of God's love for the church. While stressing unity and liberty under God, we believe they are inseparable, while reigning in this life through the whole human race in the interest of peace, love, mercy, and kindness which is only found in Kingdom living.
The Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement) offers YOU a Christian fellowship of like-minded ministers who love, help and encourage each other in extreme difficult situations, without condemnation, when all else has failed. * We offer ministry credentials to those who are found in established churches and ministries or those who are planning to establish a new church or ministry with an emphasis of disciple-making. * We offer training and effective resources to help You make your ministry successful. * We offer YOU ministry networking with others in your area of expertise because we know how hard it is to get your church or ministry off the ground with lasting results. * We also offer YOU a ministry where all ministers have the freedom of religious belief and private scriptural interpretation to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ without divisive, man-made rules or regulations. * We offer educational and professional standards for clergy both licensed and ordained while holding our clergy to ethical accountability through denominational oversight for those like YOU who are looking for a more progressive ministry with a secure spiritual covering, backed by an established historic Church Body of clergy, churches and ministries that has a long history of exciting experiences and testimonies from people (like you) that were helped along the way to an exciting future as ministers of the gospel.

That is why The Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement)welcomes men and women from all walks of life, and all ages, and Christian backgrounds, who wish to restore the church, the family, and your community through the power of God's grace, and desire to make their ministry more effective by becoming apart of a moderate, historic, Stone-Campbell (Restoration) Movement that is aimed at reaching a greater harvest of souls in the 21st century and beyond for the glory of God..
This is our dream, what's yours?
In the name of Adony Yah Shua Messiah,

Karen Dixson, Ph.D.
Evangelical Christian Church of North America (Restoration Movement)